Tea Party Time with Donsuemor and Davidson’s!

A while ago I was contacted by Donsuemor Davidson’s Teas with a great proposition…
They liked the work I did on Dessert-A-Day so they told me to use their products and
“Have a tea party on us”!
Don’t tell me free tea & madelines because it is ON.
The only problem was who to have this tea party with?
I don’t have kids.
And I don’t own any stuffed animals (besides the stuffed Chlamydia I got in Microbiology lab but who wants to drink tea and eat cakes with a microbe?)

By the way: His name is Charlie. He makes you itch. lol. 
But I digress…
So who was going to help me scarf down all this yumminess?!
I could only think of one group of people who love tea & cake more than me.
And that’s my family.
We grew up drinking tea. Since I can remember, tomando un tecito (or drinking a little tea) in our household has been a tradition.
But it’s not just our tradition.

You see, tea parties happen almost every night in South American households all over the world, but we simply don’t call them “tea parties”. They are just another meal & yet another excuse to get together with the ones you love.

 I have images of my whole family gathered around the table, hot steaming cup of tea in our hands, eating cakes & sandwiches, chit chatting about the days events & just enjoying each other’s company after a long day.
Tomando un tecito. 
It reminds me of simpler days.
It reminds me that after a long day full of madness, I just need to slow it all down.
It reminds me that I need to get back to some of that.
So I did.
I packed up my Donsuemor Madeline’s & Davidson’s Teas & hit the road back to Fresno for a little family time, nostalgia, and tecito.

Thanks to my sisters, mom, dad, and cousin for helping me devour these wonderful treats.
I just have to say:
My dad LOVED the French Vanilla Iced Tea & Lemon Madeline’s!
(I made Iced Tea because it was super warm that night!)
He thought they were light and not too sweet.
He even posed for this picture on demand.
He’s so cute 🙂

Dad likes Donsuemor

And thanks to my crazy family, this tea party turned into a full on PAR-TAY.
I brought the tea and cakes, but leave it to my family to bring the bolillos, coffee, mimosas, salad, steak, and fried yams.
Because of course, I forgot, that my family does NOTHING half way and that if you say we are “drinking a little tea” then it means you are going to fry a yam and stick it in bread.
(By the way, check out the accidental happy face yam. I found it after I started editing. Pretty awesome.)
So all in all, I think my mission was accomplished.
Every one loved the Davidson’s teas, the Donsuemor Madeline’s, and most of all we all slowed down, sat around the table, and just enjoyed being a family.
Thanks D & D!
By the way, the views expressed in this blog are not those of Davidson’s or Donsuemor.  I am independent of them and if I have offended you, take a breath, hug your cat, and realize it’s just a blog, man!

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