Banana & Coffee Protein Smoothie: Licuado de Proteina con Banana y Café

Have I told you that I’m getting married…in 10 days??
Have I also told you that I’m not your typical bride??
Like, the kind of bride that doesn’t have decorations yet kinda bride.
So needless to say, I haven’t really been a morning person lately…
Usually I am just fine with green tea or a smoothie in the morning but these last few days 
that stuff is just not cutting it.
 I had to upgrade my morning stimulant to get me going on this whole wedding thing
 & since crack is whack & I like keeping my teeth, I decided to upgrade to coffee.  
The problem: I don’t like the taste of coffee…like, at all. 
So I decided to disguise my coffee in a delicious & healthy fruit-filled concoction that draws on my Latin & American roots…
And so was born the Banana & Coffee Protein Smoothie 
a.k.a. Licuado de Proteina con Café y Banana!
(keep reading to find out what a “licuado” is!)

Panko Crusted Mustard-Glazed Chicken Breasts

Other than put mustard on my sandwiches, I can’t say I have much use for it.
I kind of just gloss it over when I’m ransacking my fridge for stuff to make dinner out of
& dismiss it as something “I kinda only like on sandwiches”.
I swear one bottle lasts me a year…& yes, that is still safe to eat.
Google said so.
It wasn’t until I ate at a restaurant out of town that I realized the awesomeness of mustard on chicken.
The chicken I ordered was lightly breaded & pan fried until slightly crunchy.
It was swimming in an intensely decadent fatty-fat-delicious mustard cream sauce & topped with what looked like melted butter.
So yeah, it was trouble.
But it was my cheat day so I told myself it was OK…
800+ calories later, it was so NOT OK.
But I don’t want you to miss out on having some mustard chicken goodness for yourself so I took all the flavor while cutting out some of the guilt to make this original 800 calorie dish into a new low fat 200 calorie meal!
You’re welcome :)

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Tart Cherry-Berry Kale Smoothie

You know when you buy something really expensive & you’re riddled with guilt so you try to use it as much as possible to justify the expense?
 Yeah, that’s pretty much what my recent “smoothie-revolution” was born out of.It’s also probably why you may just see me wearing my new orange heel$$ to the supermarket.
I had spent all of this money on a VitaMix & I figured I shouldn’t just make dough & chop nuts in it.  Do you even know how many loaves of bread I’d have to make for this little beauty to pay for itself?
So I decided to get on this smoothie bandwagon & what do you know?  
It’s totally paying off!

Garlic Infused Irish Champ

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!
When I posed the question on Facebook as to what Irish dish they wanted to see on the blog, one of my kind readers suggested I make Champ!
Of course I give the people what they want so here goes…
and by people I mean the one person that actually responded.
[insert awkward crickets here]
 But you know I can’t just put out any ol’ recipe so I’m going to put my little spin on it while trying to keep it as traditional as possible.
So here goes nothin’!

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Homemade Irish Cream

Top of the mornin’ to ya.
Have you been wondering why the supermarket has all of a sudden put out corned beef & cabbage in convenient little bundles?
Why the police all of a sudden decide it’s a good idea to put a checkpoint on every corner of your hometown?
Why people at your favorite bar have been drinking that unholy concoction of green-dyed beer?
Yes, it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day.
Bust out your favorite green striped tube socks, ladies.
Now if you’re like me & you don’t want to dye your insides green with your cocktail, have I got a treat for you.
Homemade Irish Cream is kind of like Bailey’s but better.

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